PROKING Sparerib Barbecue Rack - BBQ Accessories - Including Sparerib Recipe - Non-stick layer - 35 x 19.5 x 11.5 CM


Are you looking for a spare rib rack ? Are you also such a fan of a nice piece of meat from the barbecue? This spare ribs rack is extremely convenient to use and suitable for different types of barbecues. Place it with the meat on the barbecue to let it cook, then you can present the meat directly on the table.


Every barbecue enthusiast should have this accessory in his assortment.

Never again suffer from spare ribs that are not evenly cooked, because this rib rack ensures that your spare ribs are evenly cooked. By cooking longer in 1 same position, the meat will be more tender than ever before. The rack does not detract from the real barbecue flavor which will be best reflected in the pieces of meat.

Easy to clean

You probably recognize it, after a super fun evening of barbecuing, the dishes still have to be done and the barbecue still has to be cleaned. Fortunately, this spare rib rack from PROKING is easy to clean. Thanks to the non-stick coating, leftover ribs will be removed from the rack in no time. The rack is water-resistant and can therefore simply be put in the dishwasher, which saves you doing the dishes again.

Includes recipe
When ordering the spare rib rack from PROKING you will receive a delicious spare rib recipe, so that you can immediately start preparing the most delicious spare ribs you have ever tasted. You will also receive an extensive cleaning manual.

Biggest Benefits
✅ Easy to clean
✅ Non-stick layer
✅ Equal ribs
✅ Must have for the barbecue
✅ Delicious recipe
✅ Delicious end result

Dimensions: 35 X 19.5 X 11.5cm
- Brand: PROKING
- Material: Metal
- Colour black
- Warranty: Yes, 30 days satisfaction guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Risk-free ordering: 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 30 days free returns.

We ship every order with free Track and trace.

Don't wait and order the spare ribs rack from PROKING now and become a real king behind the barbecue!

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