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With an airfryer you can put the tastiest dishes on the table for you and your family in no time. For example, you can make a tasty quiche, prepare a tasty piece of salmon or just put a quick bite on the table. However, there is one major drawback to using an airfryer, namely cleaning. After every meal, food residues and oil remain behind, so that the airfryer can quickly become dirty. Don't you want to spend hours scrubbing to get your airfryer clean again? Then choose the Proking XXL Airfryer Silicone Tray!

The best air fryer accessory
You simply use the XXL airfryer silicone container in the airfryer while preparing the meal. By using the silicone tray you ensure that crumbs, oil, fat and other food residues are neatly collected. This keeps the inside of the airfryer clean, so you no longer have to put time and energy into cleaning the airfryer!

The best quality
The PROKING XXL airfryer silicone tray is made of high-quality silicone. These silicones are safe to use in combination with food, are grease-free, non-stick and also completely heat resistant. As a result, the taste of the food will not be affected and the food can still be prepared nice and crispy. In addition, the bottom of the tray has a special profile so that oil and moisture are neatly drained, resulting in a healthier meal.

Experience the benefits for yourself now!

  • Choose sustainability - By choosing this silicone airfryer tray instead of, for example, baking paper, you always make a sustainable choice. The silicone tray can be used again and again, which is better for the environment and your wallet.
  • User-friendly – ​​Thanks to this silicone tray, you will never have to spend a lot of time cleaning your airfryer again. After use, you only have to remove the container from the airfryer. You can then clean the tray by hand or clean it in the dishwasher.
  • Multifunctional design - The silicone airfryer tray is not only suitable for use in an airfryer. The container can also be used in the microwave, a steam oven and more! You can also use the container for frying, roasting and baking.
  • Specially designed for the XXL airfryer - The XXL silicone tray is specially designed for the XXL airfryer..

Do you want to prepare the best dishes in no time? Then order the PROKING airfryer basket!

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