PROKING BBQ grill rack Clip basket - Barbecue accessories - Meat - Fish - Vegetarian - Set of 2 pieces


Do you want to be able to enjoy a BBQ without any stains or burnt food? With the BBQ Grill Grate Clip Baskets from PROKING you get the ideal BBQ material at home! Thanks to the clamp baskets, BBQing has now become a carefree activity.

Food no longer sticks

The biggest advantage of the BBQ Grill Grate Clip Baskets set is that food no longer sticks to the grill. Because your meat, fish and/or vegetables are in the clamping basket, nothing sticks to the grill. Everything stays in the basket and does not stick to the grid.

No more hours of cleaning

Because the food remains in the clamping baskets, no food gets on the grids. As a result, there are no food residues left behind that can provide a lot of cleaning pleasure. Thanks to the clamping baskets you can have a carefree BBQ and you will not be bothered by dirt afterwards

Easy baking and grilling

With the BBQ Grill Grid Clamp Baskets, the food is not placed directly on the grill. This makes it possible to enjoy the company and socializing without having to worry about the food. All you have to do is watch the time a little bit and flip the clamp baskets. BBQ'ing has never been so easy and relaxed!

Biggest benefits

✅ Ideal for both grilling vegetables and baking fish;
✅ The ingredients do not stick to the BBQ;
✅ Easy to use;
✅ Easy to clean and maintain.

Product features

- Brand: PROKING
- Color: Black, with wooden handles
- Material: Stainless steel
- Quantity: 2
- Warranty: Yes, 30 days satisfaction guarantee

PROKING 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Risk-free ordering: 14 days reflection period. We ship every order with free Track and Trace.

Would you like to have a carefree BBQ next time? Then order your BBQ Grill Grate Clip Baskets Set from PROKING here!

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