PROKING Laptop Cooler | Cooler - Laptop stand - Laptop riser - 6 fans - Ergonomic - 10"-17" inch


Do you often suffer from an overheating laptop while gaming, working or studying? An overheated laptop can cause your laptop to become slow or even crash.

With the PROKING laptop cooler this is a thing of the past! The laptop stand is equipped with 6 fans that keep your laptop cool. In addition, the laptop is adjustable as standard, which ensures a better posture and fewer pain complaints.

Biggest benefits
Quiet powerful fans
No more overheating
Easy to use
Cool your laptop

This laptop riser is equipped with 6 fans that cool your laptop while working, gaming or studying. As a result, you no longer have to worry about overheating.
By keeping your laptop cool, you prevent your laptop from functioning slowly or not responding.

Even for gamers, this is the perfect solution! Even if you play all day, your laptop will not overheat.

Quiet fans
The fans are very powerful and provide good cooling. Despite being so powerful, they make almost no sound. This means you won't be bothered by noise while working or watching a movie.

Ergonomic design
This PROKING laptop stand has a very positive effect on your posture, it ensures that you will sit more upright. This way you can work and play games all day long without your neck and back hurting.

The laptop riser can be adjusted as desired, so you have the perfect height to work at! The system for this is very user-friendly.

How does it work?
If you want to use the laptop stand, set the correct height and place your laptop on it, then connect your laptop using a USB cable. For example, the fans use the power of your laptop.

Product features

  • Brand: PROKING
  • Color: black + blue light
  • Material: metal & plastic
  • Suitable for: 10"-17" inch laptops

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Risk-free ordering: 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 30 days free returns. We ship every order with Track and Trace.

Do you want to be able to sit behind your laptop all day without your laptop overheating? Order the PROKING laptop cooler!

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