PROKING Olive Oil Bottle with Pouring Spout - Olive Oil Bottle - Pouring Spout Olive Oil - Glass Oil Bottle - Including Pouring Spout, Cap & Funnel - 500 ml - Green


Do you want to be able to pour olive oil more easily and better dosed? When you buy olive oil from the store, it is usually stored in a normal bottle without a spout. This makes the olive oil a lot more difficult to dose, so you quickly use too much or too little. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this, namely the PROKING Olive Oil Bottle with Spout! With this glass olive oil bottle you ensure that your olive oil is neatly stored and, thanks to the pouring spout, can easily be poured into the pan or over the meal.

High quality
The olive oil bottle is made of high quality and strong glass. This allows the bottle to take a beating. The pouring spout is made of stainless steel, so that the spout will not rust and will remain beautiful for a very long time. This pouring spout also ensures that the olive oil is neatly sealed from the outside air, so that it stays fresh longer!

Easy dosing
By using this glass olive oil bottle for pouring olive oil from now on, you can dose a lot better and you will no longer be bothered by dripping or leaking bottles that you can quickly tamper with. This means you always use the right amount of oil.

Experience the benefits for yourself now

  • Full set – The glass olive oil bottle comes with 2 separate pouring spouts and a handy funnel for easy refilling. The set also comes with two caps that allow you to completely close the bottle.
  • Elegant design – The olive oil bottle is not only super practical to use, but also has an elegant design. This makes the bottle a nice addition to the kitchen interior!
  • Green glass – When designing the bottle, green glass was chosen. Green glass ensures that no sunlight can reach the olive oil, which significantly extends the preservation time.

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Do you want to prepare the best dishes in no time? Then order the PROKING oil bottle!


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