PROKING Barbecue Skewers Set - BBQ Skewers - Barbecue Skewers - Skewers - Grill Skewers - Meat Skewers - BBQ Accessories - 12 pieces


A BBQ is only complete with a few homemade skewers with your favorite meat and vegetables! With these BBQ skewers you can easily make your own sticks and put the tastiest dishes on the table. The grill skewers are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them safe to use in combination with food and will not rust, and are suitable for preparing both meat and vegetables.

Complete your BBQ!
With these handy BBQ skewers you can make your BBQ complete and you always prepare the tastiest pieces of meat, vegetables and fish. The grill skewers are equipped with a twisted handle, making it easy to turn the skewers. Thanks to the flat profile, the ingredients will not rotate during the rotation, so that every side is cooked perfectly.

Versatile use
You can use the skewers for grilling, roasting and more. This allows you to use the skewers as BBQ skewers, meat skewers, kebab skewers and even marshmallow skewers.


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